Do you have over 500 cows and you are wondering if remodeling makes sense?

Can you save labor time to justify the investment?

Are the new barn model lay-out solutions suitable for old barns?

In this webinar Jouni Pitkäranta Architect and Virpi Kurkela DVM talked about:

  • When remodeling is a suitable option
  • The benefits and limitations of remodeling
  • The 4 functional elements you need to have in a remodeled automatic milking system barn
  • How your employees and your cows benefit from the remodeling

Speaker Jouni Pitkäranta M.Sc. (Archit.) is a founder and chairman of the board in 4dBarn, a global leader in AMS facility design. He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2006. Before starting 4dBarn, Jouni worked on his own as a dairy barn designer and has designed approximately 900 dairy barns. At 4dBarn, Jouni uses his architectural skills to create work efficient layouts and gate design to improve labor efficiency and cow comfort. Challenging remodeling projects inspire Jouni!

Speaker Virpi Kurkela DVM is a veterinary specialist at 4dBarn. She has worked with dairy farms with AMS for over two decades. "Modern milking robots do their job, milking, well, but there are many other routine cow handling tasks that still need to be addressed and planned. When you improve your knowledge, learn to understand cow behavior and get the right equipment for your barn, then work becomes safe, stress-free and efficient."

4dBarn team from Finland has helped more than 130 dairy farms globally to achieve effortless and stress-free working days in their AMS barns.  About 40  % of our project was remodeling! When you have all the right elements of efficient handling in your dairy facility, work with cows gets done with less labor. And most of all, it gets done! It is important to do routine handling tasks promptly when needed to keep cows healthy and productive.
Watch a testimonial video of Japanese customer's experience with the 4dBarn® Designed - training programme. Dr Yuto Taira from Farmnote Dairy Platform inc. explains what it’s like to work in a remodeled barn.

Here is also an article “Four factors we see with successful robot retrofits” by Jouni Pitkäranta for Progressive Dairy published on 19 October 2020.

Watch our webinar to get ideas if remodeling is an option for you!



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