Free Webinar 19th Jan 2023 at 1-2 pm EET (Helsinki)

While milking robots save time in milking, many farms still spend too much time on handling tasks!

What if there was only one person on the morning shift, so you could use the mornings to develop your business or drive your children to school, for example?

We will show you what elements in your barn are essential for efficient handling of cows and relaxing work.

 In this webinar, you will learn:

-  What are the five most common robot barn routine tasks with cows

-  How to use gates in handling situations to create routes for cows

-  The principle for easy fetching of cows to milking f

 Speaker Virpi Kurkela is a veterinarian and consultant in 4dBarn. She has worked with dairy farms with robotic milking for more than two decades and her experience is this: "Modern milking robots do their job, milking, well, but there are many other routine cow handling tasks that still need to be addressed and planned. When you improve your knowledge, learn to understand cow behavior and get the right equipment for your barn, then, work becomes safe, stress-free and efficient."

4dBarn team has helped more than 130 dairy farms globally to achieve effortless and stress-free working days in their robot barns. When you have all the right elements of efficient handling in your dairy facility, work with cows gets done with less labor. And most of all, it gets done! It is important to do routine handling tasks promptly when needed to keep cows healthy and productive.

Join us to get ideas on how smart handling tasks help you to achieve great results in your barn!


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