David Kammel and Jouni Pitkaranta wrote this article to discuss the big picture of a dairy farm growth from previous generations to the future generations. Designing and laying out the zones for animal housing, milking, feed storage and waste storage provide a frame work for developing the farmstead for the immediate needs and long term expansion plan. The design process focuses on developing a management plan and then designing the farmstead to implement the management plan. Many dairy farms more than double the number of cows milked every generation. But many farms do not have a plan for the future, and at some point they hit road blocks in the next step that keep them from achieving their dreams.

Long-Term Planning- How to Develop a Dairy Farmstead Master Plan, David W. Kammel and Jouni Pitkaranta

Long-term planning: How to develop a dairy farmstead master plan David W. Kammel and Jouni Pitkaranta for Progressive Dairy Published on 09 January 2021 - https://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/barns-equipment/long-term-planning-how-to-develop-a-dairy-farmstead-master-plan




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