A calving pen

Options for transition cow facilities

The transition cow facilities and big lines for management are determined already in the cow barn design phase. The bedded pack area is common in maternity pen, ...

The most common bedding materials

Understanding bedded pack areas

4dBarn interviewed 12 farms last summer and gathered practical experience of bedded pack areas. We compiled lots of knowledge and heard many positive comments!

Calf wants to eat in peace

Calf Barn Project in Dreams?

New calf barn in your dreams? But you think that it still takes a lot of time to takea care of calves? At 4dBarn’s Boosted farms, an average of one-fifth of the ...

Cows visit the robot in order to get their treats

Treats From the Robot

Cows' nutritional demands are the same regardless of the milking system in use. Milk yield is the harvest of correct feeding and management practises.