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VIC - Very Important Cows in a Robot barn eCourse is a comprehensive guide to close-up and fresh cow housing and management with efficient working routines. This practical eCourse is designed for a dairy farmer who wants to ensure cows’ good health and active visits to the robot through early lactation. Learn about VIC with us – They are the most important cows in your herd!
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The top benefits of the VIC eCourse

VIC cows, i.e. close ups, calving and fresh cows, are the most important animals in your robot barn!


Focus always on robotic milking

Apply the eCourse information into your own robot barn to get ideas for grouping VIC or assuring active visits to milking.


Six rules help you to succeed

The rules are made to keep your cows healthy, active and productive at these critical weeks of VIC time.


Practical choices for your barn

At the end of the eCourse you haven’t only developed your know-how about VIC but also have perfect VIC pens planned!

eCourse Schedule

The 4dBarn VIC eCourse is an easy and interesting way to learn! The eCourse consists of 10 compact modules and takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. However, thanks to the structure, you can also split the training into several sessions according to your own schedule. If you wish, you can take the eCourse or individual modules unlimited times to review and reflect on what you have learned.
Vic's eCourse contains a very extensive amount of information! The eCourse will provide you with up-to-date recommendations on space requirements and management practices. You will learn how to calculate the number of VIC animals and how to size a pen for them. Quizzes and examples make things practical and down-to-earth, making it easy to apply the knowledge on your dairy farm. Check the timeline for more information!

  • 5 min


    Find out what VIC eCourse has to offer! This module is available free of charge.

    Free module
  • 10 min

    Background – why VIC is important

    Learn the facts behind the optimal VIC management and the six rules to follow for the best results!

  • 10 min

    Calculator –how many VICs

    Module’s various exercises and examples help to make calculations practical and easy to understand.

  • 5 min

    Technical – how big VIC pens

    In this module you will learn more about VIC pens, how to size them and compare different solutions for lying surfaces.

  • 10 min

    Grouping – who with whom

    Discover different VIC grouping options for your robot barn and the different ways to manage them.

  • 10 min

    Working – what you have to do in VIC pens

    Working module helps you to organize the works in a efficient way!

  • 5 min

    Risks –how to get around them

    Only when you know the risks, you can avoid pitfalls in your VIC pen.

  • 5 min

    Ideas –practical tips from everyday life

    Do you know how to keep VIC pens running in calving surges? Or help a heifer to adapt to life with robots? Soon you will!

  • 5 min

    Testimonials – stories from robot farms

    VIC pens are in use in many robot farms already. See different farmer´s stories in this module.

  • 10 min

    My Choices – how my VIC pens will look like

    In the last module of the eCourse VIC –Very Important Cows in a Robot Barn you get to make the important choices for your VIC.



Virpi Kurkela, DVM

Focusing VIC ‘s pays off!

As a veterinarian I have seen the importance of VIC animals becoming increasingly visible over the last decade resulting better health and production.

Me and my colleagues In 4dBarn have reviewed the scientific literature of transition cows and gathered experiences from farms globally and transferred it into practical solutions to farms with robotic milking. 

Our work and experience has paid off and it’s wonderful to see our customers' successes. 

4dBarn® eAcademy VIC eCourse is another great way to take knowledge and practices forward, providing new farms with the keys to success.


The eCourse's interactive and functional approach will help you to learn.

The eCourse included thought-provoking questions and observations

A lot of new things came up that I hadn't even thought of before. 

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