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A Fetch Pen and Fresh Cow Group

This 4dBarn webinar focuses on reducing labor time and insuring high milk production. We introduce two essential elements of a modern robot barn: a fetch pen and a separate group for fresh cows. They both are needed for efficient working and ensuring active visits to robot. 
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Practical Solutions for Your Robot Barn

Are you looking for option to make the fetching of your cows less time consuming? Or want to ensure that number cows not coming to robot voluntarily stays small in your new barn. This webinar has the information you need! A fetch pen makes fetching easy and in fresh cow pen your cows are active from a day one.


Real Examples

In the webinar there are several examples of how to position a fetch pen and a fresh cow pen in a robot barn layout.


Fetch Pen Elements

Having a fenced area in a right place is not enough. Learn what elements a functional fetch pen has.


Benefits of Fresh Cow Pen

Learn what is a VIC and see how to organize the best environment for fresh cows.

The Schedule of the Webinar


  • 15 min

    Introduction of the speakers and the subject of the webinar. Explanation of what is a VIC and why do we need a fresh cow pens with 24/7 access to milking also in barns with robotic milking.

  • 15 min

    You will get an idea of what it means to add a fresh cow pen to your robot barn, how much space it takes up and what the additional costs are. We'll also show you the results that can be achieved with good management.

  • 15 min

    Features of a functional fetch pen and how to locate it in a dairy barn. Importance of gating in fetching how to work with fetch cows. What is an acceptable number of fetch cows in a robot barn.

  • 15 min

    Summary and questions from the audience.



Jouni Pitkäranta, Architect

I have included a fetch pen in my designs since 2007 and think it has a big role in the functionality of a robot barn.

The Fresh pen in other hand is important for smooth transition to lactation and    

Welcome to hear as I present these essential elements of a modern robot barn!

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