Looking to build a new robot barn or calf barn in the next few years?

Taking the first step is always a challenge!

We've put together a four-point programme for you to get started in an easy and planned way. By following it, you can start preparing now.

To ensure your success, here's how:

1. Find out where you are

The investment path for livestock buildings on a farm is a long one. There are permit issues to consider (building and environmental permits and possible investment subsidies). 

It is also important to find out from your financier what level of investment your business can afford. 

This work should be started well in advance, about three years before the actual start of construction. You can use this template to help you work out a timetable:

2.  Get information on different ways to build

What is your initial idea for a new building for your cows or calves? Will you build new or renovate the old one?  Do you want to move to robotic milking as cheaply as possible?  Maybe you have a whole new building site that needs a comprehensive design.

Find information and visit dairy farms with new or renovated barns. It will help to map out options for you and your livestock.

See the thoughts of those who have already built a robotic barn:

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Read our experts' blogs:

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3. Take an expert with you

At some point, it's a good idea to bring your ideas together. Contact an expert who will ask the questions that are relevant to your dairy farm and point out the strengths of your plan.

4dBarn gives you the opportunity to discuss your investment plan, which could be the changes required for robotic milking. Free of charge and with no upfront commitment. Book a time that suits you.

Book a meeting

4. Put together a concrete plan

Experience has shown that a dairy farm needs a clear plan to move forward smoothly.

A good and concrete farm development plan includes:

A) A list of building investments over a 5-15 year period.

B) A draft site plan showing the location of the robot barn, calf barn, heifer barn and other key dairy farm functions

C) Preliminary costs for each stage of the investment.

These are all included in the 4dBarn® Invest service.

Be ready for investment

Next, we encourage you to watch our free webinar recording where we go through the factors influencing efficiency and high yield in robot barns: Webinar

Do you know what features should be included in every robot barn? Or do you already have a layout and you would like to check its functionality? 

To answer these questions, we created an online course to go through the 10 most important elements of a robot barn. After completing the online course, you will find it easy to read the barn layouts and make sure that it contains all the basic elements of a successful robotic barn: Course