Virpi Kurkela has changed jobs as of 1 May 2023, but she will continue to be part of 4dBarn's international network of experts.

Virpi Kurkela graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Helsinki University in 1999. Since then she has worked as a practising veterinarian mostly in large animal practice and as a herd health veterinarian. Virpi has done a lot of presentations for farmers, advisors, and veterinarians about bovine health and welfare. She also does specialize consulting for robotic farms as a member of ProAgria’s Herd Navigator advisory team.

In 2013 she got a special training from the University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation and is a licensed calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser.

In 4dBarn her work designing and boosting barns with AMS milking focuses on ensuring excellent animal health and welfare for good production and efficient working.

Virpi’s professional interest is focused on the health and welfare of dairy cows in robotic milking and herd health management in dairy farms. She has a lot of postgraduate education and experience especially in udder health management and influence of the barn environment and design on health and production of dairy cows, calves and heifers.

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