Marjo Posio, M.Sc.(agriculture), animal nutrition (University of Helsinki)

Has lived her childhood on a dairy farm.
- 2009–2011 Farm manager in a beef calf barn for 850 beef calves in Kuivaniemi, Finland
- 2011–2013 Project manager in Milk management –development project, ProAgria Oulu
- 2013– Dairy farm -adviser (specialized to nutrition and production monitoring, SOP – working rules in a dairy barn, udder health and fertility control) ProAgria Oulu

Has developed and worked together with Jouni Pitkäranta in an international robot barn labour efficiency project monitoring robot barn performance in numerous barns in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and the United States.

Has got training from University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation in 2013, Licenced calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser.

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