Jouni Pitkäranta, M.Sc. (Architect) Helsinki University of Technology 2006

Jouni Pitkäranta graduated from the University of Technology in Helsinki in 2006. Even before that He has run his own barn design and architecture office Cowhomes. Jouni Pitkäranta has born and lived his childhood on a dairy farm and did his first barn design, which was built, at 15 years age in 1987.

Jouni Pitkäranta is specialized to dairy, youngstock, and calf barn design especially focused to robotic milking barn design. Jouni Pitkäranta has designed about 700 dairy barns in total mostly in Finland, but also in Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Holland and Germany.

Has got training from the University of Wisconsin (USA) about calf housing and calf barn ventilation in 2013, Licensed calf barn overpressure tube ventilation adviser.


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