Meet 4dBarn experts at events

Winter is the time for live events. We are represented at many events and would be delighted to see you there:
Register for Robotic Seminar in Dubuque, Iowa on February 28, 2023.
Go to to register. Jouni Pitkäranta will participate remotely.

Sarkamessut, Seinäjoki Finland 27.-28.1.2023

World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI, USA 1.-6.10.2023

Year 2022:

Farmers Association, Northern Hokkaido, Sep. 9.

  • Seminar to young famers who are thinking about investing to robot milking. 
  • 2hour seminar (including translation and Q and A)
  • Talk about what to think when building robot barns (mainly new but also retrofit)
  • Also about converting tie-stall in to robot barn
  • Architect Jouni Pitkäranta

NTG Agri, Belcice, Czech, Sep. 22

  • Seminar: Basic welfare requirements for high producing cows
  • Labor efficiency- how it can be measured and what to do to reach it
  • Robots vs milking parlor- advantages, weak points
  • What is my vision of ideal barn
  • Opportunity to present your thoughts
  • M.Sc. Architect Jouni Pitkäranta
Belcice Czech

    The World Brown Swiss Conference, Voegeli Farm, WI, U.S. Oct 1.

    • 4dBarn has a stand to present the 4dBarn® Design process, how we did it with Voegeli farms and also a 3d-model of the barn. 
    • We tell about the other services we can offer to farms and dairy specialists interested in robotic milking barns

    World Dairy Expo Oct. 2.-7. in Madison, Wisconsin U.S.

    World Dairy Expo 2022


    Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair, Helsinki, Finland, Oct. 13-15.

    Agricultural machinery trade fair 2022

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