Sheraton Madison, WI, USA

AMS Facility Design Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 25-26, 2019

Join Dr. Nigel Cook, Courtney Halbach, and 4dBarn advisors Virpi Kurkela and Jouni Pitkäranta the week prior to World Dairy Expo as they walk through how to design AMS facilities to maximize labor efficiency and optimize cow health. Main points of discussion will include robot positioning, gating systems, ventilation challenges and planning, troubleshooting existing facilities, and options to retrofit and expand. This interactive, two-day workshop will combine lectures, discussion, video analysis, and case-based group exercises. Participants will leave the workshop with the ability to tackle AMS building projects and provide solutions that maximize animal well-being and performance.

Brochure: AMS Facility Design

4dBarn on kouluttamassa nyt toista kertaa Wisconsinin yliopiston workshopissa robottinavetan työrutiinien suunnittelua tavoitteena työntehokkuus tinkimättä yhtään lehmien hyvinvoinnista.


4dBarn and The Dairyland Initiative: AMS Facility Design - workshop

#1 AMS Facility Design 2018, Pewaukee, WI


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