Labor-efficient calf barns with the highest calf comfort must be your goal.

Marjo Posio wrote this article to describe the main differences in raising calves in individual pens housing and successfully raising calves in a group pen housing system. Creating small groups of calves with a small age range between youngest and oldest calves is critical to the calf’s health.  A trained person that can recognize sick calves is needed to provide a healthy environment for all calves. Excellent management skills and design of a good ventilation system as well as creating a minimal stress environment for calves during this time of their life is key to a healthy calf.

If you are thinking of building a new calf barn or retrofitting an existing facility to become a calf barn, there are many things to consider before you draw up calf barn layouts. Think through all the calf management choices with an advisory group. drawings, it's best to sit down and think through all your calf care choices with a knowledgeable advisory team. 

Read Marjo's article:

Single Housing VS Group Housing for Dairy Calves, Marjo Posio

Single housing vs. group housing for dairy calves Marjo Posio for Progressive Dairy Published on 19 August 2021-

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Cold breeding of calves in RantaHyry Oy

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