Jouni Pitkaranta and Virpi Kurkela wrote this article to address how the 4dbarn design process focuses on the management plan and work routines needed in the AMS barn design. 4dbarn has collected data on over 60 farms documenting the labor used for daily work routines in AMS dairy barns. There is a wide variation of labor efficiency in similar sizes of farms. This reinforces a design process that focuses the design process on describing work routines based on the barn designed to implement a management plan developed by the dairy farmer. It is a key to achieve labor savings and understanding how the dairy farmer will work with the dairy barn as a tool to produce and harvest milk.

How to Plan a Robot Barn to Maximize Labor Efficiency, Jouni Pitkäranta and Virpi Kurkela

Jouni Pitkäranta and Virpi Kurkela for Progressive Dairy Published on 19 July 2019 -

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