Marjo Posio and Jouni Pitkaranta wrote this article to describe common boatnecks that 4dBarn has found on barn designs that they have visited to determine labor efficiency. Using time lapse video overnight in AMS barns data can be collected and cow behavior observed to help understand design features in and AMS barn that enhance good behavior and labor efficiency, or find bottlenecks and problems in the current barn design. Those poor design features can be eliminated in future new barn designs. Poor design decisions can create a work environment that takes more labor than necessary. Cow waiting times, boss cows, young cows, cows in heat, poor position for waterers or brushes can all impact visits to the AMS unit and the ultimate profit for the dairy farm.

Find a barn´s bottlenecks (Posio & Pitkäranta), Hoard´s Dairyman 8/2018

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