The goal is to find a positive spirit and see dairy production as a successful future business. How we can prepare ourselves, our facilities, our dairy skills for 2045-2050.  
Best-in-class keynote speakers focus on future of sustainable milk production, dairy welfare, facility and housing of transition cows and calves and labour efficiency in an AMS barn.
Our keynote speakers are Dr. Nigel B Cook, Dr. Kelly Barratt, Christophe Lafougère,  David W. Kammel and Ulf Jahnsson together with 4dBarn spesialists. 
  • Day 1 Seminar: External Justification to Produce Milk
  • Day 2 Seminar: Internal Efficiency in Dairy Barns for #DairyHappiness
  • Day 3 Farm Tour: Workshop in the robot barn (for international guests)
Registration is now open!
There are limited number of seats. This time we offer also virtual participation. But you don´t want to miss live presentations, networking, Expo and good food.  The dinner and dance party will be unforgettable! Come to Hyvinkää.
Read more and buy your tickets here: 
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Memories from the #1 4dBarn Dairy Welfare Meeting 2019 
Audience at 4dBarn Dairy Welfare meeting 2019

Dr Nigel Cook with 4dBarn in  Finland 2019

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