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Kymmenen pisteen robottilato

Verkkokurssi parantaa ymmärrystäsi robottinavetan ulkoasusta ja tärkeistä ominaisuuksista. Onko sinulla suunnitelma robottinavetasta, jonka avulla aiot luoda työpaikan sinulle ja kodin lehmillesi? Ten Point Robot barn eCourse on suunniteltu juuri sinulle, sillä se vie sinut robottinavetan päätoimintojen läpi ja varmistaa, että sinulla on ne kaikki pohjaratkaisussasi.

Liity joukkoomme ja ota tärkeä askel kohti sijoituksesi onnistumista!

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The eCourse benefits your farm!

After the 4dBarn Ten Point Robot Barn eCourse, you will be able to read and understand barn layout drawings


Help you succeed

Understand what is necessary for fluent cow traffic or safe animal handling


The 10 most important points

Find the most important elements in the barn layout


A great sense of confidence

Analyze your own barn layout and its strong points and weaknesses

Welcome to Ten Point Robot Barn eCourse!

This 4dBarn® eCourse is an absolute must if you are planning to build a new robotic barn or have decided to renovate your existing barn.

The eCourse takes about an hour to complete. If you wish, you can take the eCourse or individual modules unlimited times to apply its lessons to different layouts. As the eCourse consists of four modules, you can also split the training into several sessions according to your own schedule.

Easy, interesting and practical!

With the many exercises in the eCourse, you will easily master the often difficult floor plans and discover the 10 most important points for the functional dairy barn with robotic milking. Take your layout or use the sample layout from the eCourse and join us to ensure a successful investment.

See the timeline for more information!

  • 10 min

    Introduction – The most important elements

    First steps to understanding the layout of a robot facility: basic elements, the scale and different cow groups in the barn.

  • 20 min

    1 Module – Fetch pen, VIC pen and feed bunk space

    The first three points of an successful cow barn come from a fetch pen, VIC pen and adequate feeding space. Are these all in your layout?

  • 15 min

    2 Module – Handling chute, footbath and special needs pen

    This eCourse has many engaging exercises to help you understand technical drawings and put your paper plans into practice. You'll learn how to size a special needs cow pen and assess whether a hoof bath is working as intended.

  • 15 min

    3 Module – Score the last four points

    To get the full 10 points, the barn layout must also meet strict criteria for calf housing, bedding, cow traffic and clean routes. Finally, the points are added together. How many points did your layout score? Is it a good basis for starting the investment or is there a point that needs further thinking?



Jouni Pitkäranta, Architect

Reading dairy barn layouts is difficult!

I've been designing barns since I was a teenager and what I have found that understanding technical drawings often doesn’t really start until the concrete truck is on the site. 

Our 4dBarn team is also frequently asked to comment on barn layouts. These contacts inspired us to create this eLearning course. Based on research and our experience, we identified the main functions of a robotic barn and developed a new and inspiring way to communicate them for the benefit of dairy farmers. 

I believe that the course will help you to better understand your future barn, even now, when it is just a drawing on paper. 

Join in and ensure the success of your barn project!


The eCourse's interactive and functional approach will help you to learn.

The eCourse included thought-provoking questions and observations

A lot of new things came up that I hadn't even thought of before.

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