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Tehokkuus robottialtossa

Tämä 4dBarn-webinaari esittelee robottinavetan, jossa on alhaiset työajat ja erinomainen maidontuotanto. Vertaile tuloksia, näe asettelut, tekniset ratkaisut ja paljon muuta!

Esimerkkinä käytämme Suomen parhaiten pisteytettyä robottifarmia.

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This webinar benefits your farm

Work efficiency and good milk production are common goals in farms with robotic milking. In this webinar we present the results of one success story and tell you what is possible to achieve.


The Management

With what kind of feeding you can have production of almost 13 000 liters of milk/cow in a year?


Cows and people

What are the coals in breeding and how many hours people work daily?


The robot barn

The robot orientation is important to ensure frequent visits to milking. See how it looks on this farm!

The Schedule of the Webinar

Webinar: 60 minutes

  • 20 min

    Introduction of 4dBarn and one of our Clients

    A top scoring robotic farm in Finland and their management choices e.g. feeding. Did you know that it is possible to have 45 kg daily milk production with only 4,5 kg of pellets/cow from the robot?

  • 20 min

    See what are the farms breeding goals and what are the main elements of the barn in a farm aiming for high performance

  • 20 min

    Summary and questions from audience

    Summary and questions from audience covering various subjects like inseminating cows in a robot barn, bedding choices and management, creating working routines for a four robot barn, handling sick cows in robotic facility and timeline of a dairy barn design process.



Virpi Kurkela, DVM

We are exited to introduce you our company 4dBarn but especially our customers with the highest labor efficiency in Finland.
In my presentation I cover the four important aspects of an efficient robot barn. The most obvious one is the barn, but lets not forget the three other main components. No milk producer has succeed only with a great barn or a perfect layout. You must to perform well in all four areas!

Come and complete your knowledge about effective robot barn!

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