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Lehmien käsittely robottinavetassa

Kurssi on Käytännön opas Käsitellä lehmiä robottinavetassa yhden henkilön toimesta turvallisesti ja tehokkaasti lehmän näkökulma huomioon ottaen. 4dBarn Lehmien käsittely robottinavetassa -kurssi on suunniteltu viljelijälle, joka haluaa kehittää hoitoaan ja tilojaan varmistaakseen lehmien terveyden, korkean tuotannon ja aktiiviset vierailut robottiin koko imetysajan.

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The top benefits of the Handling -course

A goal in a robot barn is let the cows do their “job” on their own. Nevertheless, we need certain individual handling situations with lactation cows, which impact to labor efficiency is big!


Robotic milking handling situations

Learn, what handling situations you face in a robot barn and how important they are to your business.


Three main tools for easy handling

Fetch pen to collect cows, handling chute to treat them and headlocks to handle the cows in a pen are the crucial tools, what a robot barn must have.


Practical work solutions

You can use gates, planned routes and timing of tasks in handling. In the end of the course pick right pieces to your robot barn!

Course Schedule

  • 5 min


    Find out what Handling course has to offer! This module is available free of charge.

    Free Module
  • 15 min

    Background – what and why Handling in robot barn

    Learn how big impact handling has to cow longevity, labor efficiency and safety.

  • 10 min

    Moving cows

    In this module you learn how stockmanship skills can be used in handling, in addition to gating and routing.

  • 5 min

    Fetch Pen

    It is one of the best inventions in robot barn, discover how much easier you can fetch individual cows.

  • 5 min

    Handling Chute

    Module describes variety of handling chutes and situations to use it, but most importantly how to get cows easily in and out to it.

  • 5 min


    You might be surprised how useful tool headlocks are in robot barn. This module explains those advantages with practical examples

  • 5 min


    Sometimes best ideas are simple. 35 cm opening and one small gate can make a big difference in cow handling in robot barn!

  • 5 min

    Testimonials stories from robot barns

    Good handling practices are already used in many farms, see how some of these farms do it!

  • 5 min

    My choices

    In the last module of the Handling course You can choose which handling tools you use to which tasks. Your cow handling plan is ready!



Virpi Kurkela, DVM

It's all about handling cows in a robot barn!

As a veterinarian, I want to emphasize working practices that support animal and human welfare in a robot barn.

At 4dBarn ®, we want to do everything we can to help you create smoother and more productive working practices on your farm. In a functionally optimized robot barn, your work is smooth and safe.

4dBarn® eAcademy’s Handling Cows in a Robot Barn -eCourse is an inspiring and insightful way to develop your farm's functionality to best practice.


The course's interactive and functional approach will help you to learn.

The course included thought-provoking questions and observations

A lot of new things came up I hadn't even thought of before

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