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VIC eCourse intro

Erittäin tärkeät lehmät - VIC eCoursen ensimmäinen, ilmainen moduuli!

Jotta lehmien siirtyminen lypsyyn olisi mahdollisimman tehokasta, eläinsuojien ja hoitokäytäntöjen on oltava huippukunnossa.

VIC-verkkokurssi kattaa nämä ja monet muut tärkeät aiheet kymmenessä moduulissa, joista ensimmäiseen pääset ilmaiseksi.

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Start learning

In the introduction, you can see what the 4dBarn VIC eСourse has to offer.

VIC cows, i.e. close ups, calving and fresh cows, are the most important animals in your robot barn!


10 modules for the wellbeing of VIC

All 10 modules will be introduced to you!


What is a VIC

You will learn what VIC means and what kind of cows they are.


Risks and good practices

The management of VIC leaves must be carefully planned to ensure success.



Virpi Kurkela, DVM

Have you thought about the conditions of your transition cows? Deep bedding or stalls? What group size? How long in the fresh cow pen?

The 4dBarn team and I put together our experience with robotic facilities and added researched knowledge from around the world to help you implement the best possible care for your VIC cows in the best possible conditions.

The VIC eCourse will provide you with an amazing guide on your journey to ensure the health and productivity of these most important animals in your herd. This first part of the course is free of charge!

Welcome to learn more!


The eCourse's interactive and functional approach will help you to learn.

The eCourse included thought-provoking questions and observations.

A lot of new things came up that I hadn't even thought of before.

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