Our 4dBarn experts have been on stage in different seminars, workshops, exhibitions, open doors etc. We speak a lot, but there hasn´t been any place to read about our principals, thoughts, ideas etc. If you are planning a new robot barn or retrofit the old one, we hope that our new blog can give you some information.

We think that a barn is a tool for harvesting milk. With us, you will get the kind of tool that fits your goals, way of working and management style. 4dBarn is focusing on functional design and we think that labour efficiency and cow welfare can be achieved. So we will write about VIC -group, working routines, labour efficiency etc.

This week we will participate in the Open Days in two new barns in Finland. There are 300 cows with milking parlour in Salo and 2 AMS in Puolanka northern Finland. Welcome to meet us there! Also, the prime minister is in Puolanka.

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